Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Occasional Bachelorette

Jeff and Ryan are leaving tonight for the annual "guys and kids" ice fishing trip in the UP and Kirsten is back to Madison today after a few days of visiting.

That leaves me and Kait. But -- since one of us has a busy social life (hint: it's not me) -- I have a feeling I'll be enjoying a lot of quality quiet time this weekend.

Fine with me!

I'm taking Friday off for the spa day I promised myself when I worked through the holidays. I have a few gift certs I've saved up that I'll be redeeming for a 90 minute therapeutic massage, a 90 minute fancy pantsy facial, a nourishing back treatment (to get ready for my tattoo!), and a hair cut and style. Doesn't that sound like a very glam way to survive all of this crazy snow?

And then there's a backlog of chick flicks that need watching, an office that needs cleaning, and exercise equipment that needs exercising. And there's a back that needs tattooing... I admit I'm a little nervous about that one.


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