Monday, February 04, 2008

Super Duper Tuesday Predictions

No freakin' clue.

A former coworker from a neighboring Super Duper Tuesday state messaged me yesterday afternoon to ask who I'd be supporting today. She is a Dem, although a more serious and thoughtful one than I. She lives off the grid now, having invested some years ago in various alternative energy mechanisms for her home (her investment has already paid for itself in lower costs, she says).

She told me she is bouncing back and forth between Hillary and Obama, equally pleased with both of them but for slightly different reasons. Her 18 year old son is pushing her toward Obama.

This scenario seems ready to play itself out around the country... last minute decisions between the two Dem candidates with the youth pushing America toward Obama. Which way it'll go is anyone's guess.

The Republican race is also very tight. How on earth Mitt has managed to out-conservative McCain is a bit mind blowing for me. Do people really believe that? I guess we'll find out today.

Anywhoooooo, I know who I'm voting for... and that's about the outermost limit of my omniscience.


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