Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Ronnie Years

Bonddad has a diary out today that sorta touches on my "failure of Republican economics" theme of the other day.


Anonymous elfinstone said...

Goes to show that most good things that happen are better explained by good timing and good marketing (reaganomics).
However,not sure what your overall statement here should be? Are you saying that
1) lower taxes is bad and government is better at redistribution than free market?
2)that republicans aren't conservative therefore voters should give up and find fiscally responsible democrats?

Thanks....great writing!

12:52 PM, January 21, 2008  
Blogger Logic101 said...

Hi -- thanks for stopping by. Good question... what am I saying?

I could go on for days spouting my half-understanding of economics but in this case (and in a previous post) I am just getting frustrated with the repeated talking point and "known fact" that Republicans are better at managing the economy than Democrats. It's not true, history does not prove it true, and I find it the bizarre that people continuously buy into the whole myth of Republican fiscal conservatism. I'm hoping they're starting to catch on to the idea that true "fiscal conservatism" hasn't existed since the Gilded Age. For modern Republicans to actually run on fiscal conservatism as a platform point is rather insulting to our collective intelligence. Voters should recognize that a vote automatically cast to Republicans for fiscal conservatism is a wasted vote. There are other things to think about.

A bit of a pet peeve here as well, to me, is free market-as-religion. No. No. No. As a basic underlying structure from which to build an economy, yes. But without some balance inserted into the equation I think we know from experience that the natural consequences of a totally free market can be BRUTAL (even just the cycles!) and even destabilizing to a society in general if not tempered or tweaked. This country's long cycle of prosperity, btw, was launched from such tweaks. Things like the GI Bill after WW2, for example.

I hate to be wishy washy here but I'm not smart enough to have solid answers on the "best" solution. Lower taxes are good BUT depending on how taxes are levied/reinvested it can do much for the general prosperity of the country. Taxes are not necessarily a black hole.

Vocabulary word for today: balance.

8:27 AM, January 22, 2008  

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