Saturday, January 19, 2008

Nevada Day

Nevada, Nevada... whatchu gonna do, Nevada?

Obama is trailing in the polls although I'm really starting to wonder how valid polls are anymore with more and more people migrating to cell phones (about 20% have dropped their landlines altogether).

It's kind of an interesting state caucus. I love the idea of Saturday voting... doesn't it seems like the proper day to run a civic errand? And with 60,000 casino workers -- a 24 x 7 industry chock full of hourly laborers who can't just dash out at lunch or between meetings -- I thought locating the caucus in casinos was a great idea. So did Hillary, until the Culinary Workers decided to back Obama. And what's up with the teacher's union complaining about the casino polls? They'd have been the one group to really win out with a Saturday poll. What a bunch of ninnies.

And big day for the 'Pubbies in South Carolina. I predict Huckleberry will be successful in drawing the disproportionately large number of nutters residing in South Carolina to his side. Nutters love other nutters... it's the Law of Nutter Attraction.


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