Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Lazy Blogging

John Cole spares me the trouble of writing the thoughts in my head by doing it first.

After surveying the response of Greater Wingnuttia (via Memeorandum) to the NY Times piece we discussed earlier, it is good to see there has been no reformulation in the wankosphere as to what constitutes media bias. The old formula still holds:

“If I disagree with or don’t like a story, then it is liberal media bias. If Is agree with or like a story, then it’s so powerful that not even the liberally biased media can ignore it.”

I've found it surreal that certain people have continuously clung to their fantasy that things have gone better than reported while ignoring the overwhelming body of evidence that things have NOT being going well. Like the media is acting as one coordinated, collective body to mislead us all with their media bias. Really. And most startlingly, that people like me who haven't ignored reality are suddenly aggrieved to think that Iraq might get fixed. Yeah... really.

Now that there are signs that things seem to have gotten better, I think everyone can put their personal positions and anger and ideologies aside to be glad for any improvements in Iraq. For whatever reason things are improving, I'll take it and be grateful. Due to our history there I am not, however, going to get sucked into "mission accomplished!" mania. And I would think after their history of premature celebration -- having insisted, so very wrongly, that things were fantabulous when clearly they were not -- that certain war cheerleaders would want to hold back a little longer to see what happens after we've de-surged. Or what happens when it's time to get serious about divvying up political power and assets between Iraqi interests.


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