Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Gone Fishing

It's time for a break. It's not you... it's me. I mean, you've been great. But sometimes people change and their interests diverge and their lives don't blend like they did before. And even though I still love you and want us to be friends, like, forever, no matter what, I just really think I need a break right now. Let's touch base again in a few months and see what happens.

Think, Dammit! is going on hiatus for the summer.

As much as I enjoy all of the hours I spend linking through countless news articles, reading the infinite range of viewpoints regarding said news articles, and then spewing forth my own haphazard thoughts here on this blog, I really need to start spending more time offline. For one thing, my ass is getting huge. I mean, really, it's just huge. It needs to be exercised more often. And for another thing, my house and kids are showing signs of neglect. Last night my nine year old had to be directed back to the shower three times to remove the dirt that's been accumulating around his neck. Also, I realized that I've read only two books in the past year. I used to read a book a week... now I am consumed by what I read on the intertubes. It's not that I plan to return to my pre-1997 sheeple status, but I do need to make different use of my time. At least until the weather puts me back into cocoon mode.

Mom, thanks for being the most loyal of readers. I see many deck parties in our future this summer so I know we'll still have lots to talk about. :-)

Aunt T, still have that case of beer to deliver to Clifton's liberal media elite. Hope to see you soon... glad to hear B's surgery went well, we were worried. Give her many xoxoxo from me.

Cousin Matthew, in case you see this... where the hell did you go? I miss your presence, even if I had to google some of your brilliantly obscure cultural references. My mind has felt a little more closed w/o your commentary.

And to the occasional passers by... see you in September.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Cousin,
Sorry I haven't been writing back lately... I've had library fundraisers going and haven't had much time. I have been reading though, taking notes on family insanity. LOL just kidding. I hope you check in and see this. It's Sunday, May 27th and I just got done watching a movie on HBO called " Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee" a very good move and very accurate in most parts. It tends to favor the side of the Indians, but me being an avid reader on American Indian history I really enjoyed it.
The main reason I bring all this up is.... as the credits rolled by I noticed the director was none other than Yves Simoneau!!! I've seen his name before, he was the director on a relitively obscure show on USA channel called 'The 4400' He hails from Quebec Canada so one of our relatives seems to be making his mark in Hollywood. If you would like to see more on his bio and other movies, go to, type his name in and get his bio.
Have a great summer Cuz, I'll miss your socialist rantings. lmao It's probably better you quit for a while, it was just a matter of time before Bush's Homeland Security goons invaded your home looking for terrorist manifestos. lmao Take Care and read you soon.


3:00 AM, May 28, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You will be missed.... Even though I only pass by your site every so often, I find your thoughts and opinions to be world-class right on. Hurry back.

8:44 AM, June 01, 2007  

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