Saturday, May 19, 2007

Immigration Proposal

I finally got around to reading the details on the new immigration proposal everyone is so worked up over. The United States has extremely generous immigration policies (compared to other countries) so I suppose any attempt to tighten is going to seem extreme. That said, I'm pondering a few of the details.
  1. The point system is weighted heavily on skills and education - 75%. That's an interesting requirement given that we've been told for years that these folks are necessary to "do the jobs Americans won't do." Surely someone skilled and educated isn't going to be interested in working in a meat packing plant or washing dishes in a restaurant.
  2. The $5000 dollar fine is pretty steep for someone washing dishes or working in a meat packing plant. There was a long stretch of time where I couldn't have scraped up $5000 with a shovel. I suppose it's not a bad thing to 'punish' illegals who have been knowingly breaking the law, and I suppose it's not a bad thing to 'means test' immigration applicants. I just hate seeing yet another policy that favors people who have money over people who are trying to earn some.


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