Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Follow ups

  • Quick break to correct my previous post on the Fox & Friends guy who reported on what the 5 Iranians were 'arrested' for in Arbil, Iraq. I saw a reference to it this morning... they were arrested for an alleged connection to arms smuggling. It still makes no sense to me that they'd be doing this from northern Iraq but maybe they did the peddling to the militias in the south prior to journeying north. It's hard to say without any details... news reports refer to all the various groups as insurgents these days without any proper distinctions. I just find it nearly impossible to believe that Iran would arm the Sunni (Baathist) insurgents after they spent a decade and a million casualties fighting them. Conversely, Iran has every incentive in the world to arm the Shiite militias -- I would find that entirely believable. And in the end it's the militias that have ruined our future in Iraq since, with the infiltration of the Iraqi Army and police, there is no longer any hope of a national Iraq "standing up" as we "stand down". Anyway, my apologies to the Fox & Friends guy... but just for this one thing, not for the 3,000 other ignorant things he's said.
  • And, while I'm at it, hooray for the soon-to-be released Brits and for Tony Blair's skill in managing the situation. Iran's dysfunctional government has been looking quite schizophrenic during the past week as they've gone from hardliner comments to moderate comments (depending on who's doing the talking). In the end they're looking downright clownish, pinning medals on each other and congratulating themselves in the face of their humiliating failure (hmmm... that sounds so familiar... where have I seen that before?). I doubt we'll ever know if the Britons were in Iraq's waters or in Iran's but we did learn a few things. 1) It's amazing that Iran can even get itself out of bed in the morning without tripping over the nightstand, 2) No matter how stupid and inept they are, they are still sane enough to fear getting pummeled into oblivion even by British weenies, and 3) It's regrettable that we can no longer condemn (with a straight face and moral integrity intact) nations that violate the Geneva Conventions.


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