Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Great Debate, Part 3

I did not get to watch the entire debate tonight... only the last 30 minutes or so. (sadness) While I was on my calls I did have CNN on mute in the background, though, and tried to follow the infamous little lines.

So, by the lines: It looked to me like McCain might have had the upper hand in the first half. The second half definitely looked more favorable to Obama. I'm not sure if either of them gained any ground over the other... by now it probably looks like a Rorschach test to most of us.

There was one moment that I struck me pretty hard. Now, ya'll know I'm not a fierce pro-choice, feminist kind of person. I thought Obama did just fine on his Roe v Wade position... he represents me well on that topic. What struck me was when McCain sneered his statement about the life of the mother. What the hell was THAT? If a Youtube video pops up, I'll post it for posterity.

P.S. I just realized how often I rush to change the channel when Bill Bennet comes on CNN. I find him so repugnant that he makes me feel physically ill.


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