Tuesday, October 14, 2008

All ACORN, All The Time

McPalin has been hitting ACORN hard over the past few days. Sounds like Fox News is doing their bit, too:
Obama campaign manager David Plouffe, making the case that the charges against ACORN aren't relevant, called them a "smokescreen" and a "permission structure" for attempts to disenfranchise voters.

"This is just the start of what is going to be a very deliberate and cynical attempt to create confusion, to challenge people inappropriately," he said.

The amount of time the GOP is spending driving a message about ACORN is, indeed, striking — any day that's about ACORN isn't about experience, or Obama's associations, or McCain's biography, or the economy. So far, it hasn't been met by a legal effort to challenge voters on the ground, though that could change.

Plouffe, in any case, noted the focus on the conservative message machine: "We understand that Fox News Channel is turning themselves into the 24-hour ACORN channel," he said.

The truth is, McPalin is overworking the ACORN story exactly to appeal to the kind of people who will latch on to it with disproportionate wrath (readers can answer the question of "why" for themselves). In the relative, relevant scheme of things, ACORN barely registers a blip in any of their lives... socially, financially, whatever.

The truth is, Obama's campaign is brilliantly designed to run on people like me and thee (well, those of you who support Obama). It is not dependent on made-up voter registrants and neither is his lead in the polls, since, I assume, the made-up voter registrant demographic aren't answering their phones.

The Base can channel their Obama outrage into The War on ACORN all they want (The War On Christmas being kind of stale anyway) but I think the 30,000 polls out there that have Obama in the lead are for reals and neither ACORN, nor ACORN haters, are going to affect that.


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