Friday, October 03, 2008

Blogroll Addition

Ex-Republican John Cole recommends Daniel Larison's blog from The American Conservative. A true conservative, says John. I've checked him out and he seems to bring none of the intellectual dishonesty of a modern Republican. I will add him to my "Other Views" blogroll, post-haste, as I am continuously in search of thoughtful competing views but grow tired of wading through wingnut crap to find them.

While I'm sure we probably disagree on at least 75% of all issues, he immediately scores credibility points with me on Palin:
What is amazing is that the debate last night, which supposedly vindicates Palin fans, confirmed that the best she can muster are heavily scripted, cliche-ridden, talking point-rich performances with the occasional zinger thrown in. The debate format was deliberately crafted by the campaign to ensure that her weaknesses in handling challenging questions and follow-up questions, which I noted earlier, were concealed. Even so, she evaded many questions (Politico counted ten) and turned to her rehearsed attacks at random moments. She cannot be be blamed for not knowing that civilian casualties from NATO airstrikes have been a major political problem in the Afghan war or that this reliance on air power stems directly from our lack of ground forces in the country, because I’m sure her handlers were never going to brief her on the existence of civilian casualties in a war zone. For the Scheunemanns and Bieguns of the world, these casualties either don’t exist or are irrelevant. Regardless, her clear lack of knowledge about a critical detail concerning one of the two combat theaters where American soldiers are fighting today would, were she not a Republican, be considered among conservatives automatically disqualifying and a cause for ridicule from now until eternity. Obviously, had Biden made an error of this magnitude he would be attacked as unfit–and rightly so. It can be no less disqualifying with Palin.
Welcome to my humble blogroll, Mr. Larison.


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