Monday, March 10, 2008


Things that keep me awake at night:
  • My eldest daughter seems to be resisting the part of college where she actually attends class. I also know what her bank account looks like (I co-signed her lease). She has an overly active social life. Need I say more? My spidey sense is tingling.
  • Is the SaaS business model going to remain an unproven theory for, like, ever?
  • Will the cost of my son's future dental work exceed the cost of his medical bills to date?
  • Kaitlyn. Drivers license. Crash helmet.
  • Oil over 108. Food at double digit inflation. Home equity at... ?
  • Iraq forever.
  • Doesn't the weather seem a little strange?
  • President Hillary Clinton.
  • President John McCain (I can't help but like the old geezer but he's starting to sound like Bush the Lesser, pt 2).
  • What are those robo-hairs at my temples made of that they defy my attempts to make them stay brown? Is my hair involved in some kind of covert dye resistance movement? I color the little bastards and two weeks later they're shining through again. What the hell?


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