Sunday, September 30, 2007

Where's My Jolt?

One of my favorite astrologers, Penny Thornton, has offered up this forecast for next week:
Are you feeling excited for no apparent reason, or are the butterflies fluttering in your tummy? No surprise if you are experiencing some strange sensations: Jupiter and Uranus are poised to meet early next week with the intention of jolting you out of a comfortable little rut. You are more than ready for more stimulating company and it is time that you altered a pattern of life that has been stifling your creativity. Perhaps you had given up on a situation believing it would never happen but suddenly the wind has changed and your dearest wish could be about to be granted. October is a period of positive change, and it may all begin with a phone call, an email or an accidental meeting.

Lightening strikes.

I've read a thousand fabulous horrorscopes that didn't materialize but I'm willing to suspend disbelief this week if it means I get to enjoy the anticipation of being jolted out of my rut. Never have I needed jolting more.

(Special request to The Universe: No death, dismemberment, or job loss, please.)


Blogger Logic101 said...

Briton, if you see this... I'm a dork. I can't figure out how to join your myspace thingee and none of the kids are around to advise me.


7:45 PM, September 30, 2007  

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