Saturday, May 05, 2007

True Story

This is a true story.

My company is in the process of sending all US services jobs offshore -- yes, probably including mine, eventually. Before they can fully achieve that goal, they have to change our infrastructure around to enable it, streamlining processes and stuff like that. This has required some degree of planning, so there have been meetings set up at various locations in the US.

One of those meetings took place in Atlanta a few weeks ago, during which one poor bastard suffered a massive heart attack and died right there in the meeting room. I didn't know the guy (it's a huge company) but I'm told he was remarkably fit and healthy. Could be that he was under as much stress as the rest of us and just... broke.

Anyway, word spread pretty quickly and now the event is common knowledge. What I hadn't thought about until last night, was that after they hauled the guy's dead body out of the meeting room, they went on with the meeting. Some poor guy dying in the middle of a meeting was not enough to halt the meeting. How horrific is that? And I suppose what's even more horrific is that it didn't even occur to me, really, that it would happen any other way. I seriously didn't think twice about it until someone else brought it up.

Me and all of my peers, running around like hamsters in a wheel, for what? What have we become that when one of us dies -- in a room with us! -- we just clear the body away and carry on with a meeting.

Maybe it's only a continuation of my mid-life crisis but, Jesus... something here just ain't right.


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