Thursday, April 12, 2007


Imus has tanked. His TV show and now his radio program have both been canceled and, still, the media meltdown around him continues.

Look, people paid Imus to be shocking, just like they pay Howard Stern to be shocking, and Rush Limboob to be shocking, and even Sean Hannity to be shocking. I mean, everyone knows Howard Stern is nasty but if you've never been exposed to conservative radio then you've missed a real treat. I've listened to plenty of clips and read plenty of transcripts.... Limboob and Hannity say outrageous, highly inflammatory things they'd NEVER say on TV. Why? Their radio fans expect it... and everyone accepts it.

I have flipped past Imus on MSNBC a few times but I haven't bothered to watch because I think he's an asshole. In fact, I think the whole lot of them are assholes. Penis comedy and casually splayed insults don't make me howl with laughter like they do for some folks, I guess. To each his own. That it's suddenly a big surprise that people on radio say bad things is what surprises me.

I think everyone's probably just bored. With the Anna Nicole paternity results in and the conclusion of the Duke rape case, there's a big gaping hole in cable news entertainment. Hopefully this Imus stuff is only filler until the next white woman goes missing.


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