Thursday, March 15, 2007

On The Internets

  • Nouriel Roubini has very ungood things to say about the impact of the sub-prime problem on the rest of the economy. Oy.
  • Iraq seems to be progressing despite my bloggery inattention. Summits and surges and bombings and withdrawal plans and counter withdrawal plans and staying the course plans and interventions and hearings and scandals and playing hide-and-seek with the militias. Contrary to the old adage, ignoring it hasn't made it go away. Now that I'm trying to catch up I'm having a hard time sorting it all out... are things getting worse? Better? The same? What are the political dynamics inside Iraq? Have we forced the ouster of Maliki yet? Paging Professor Cole...
  • Josh Marshall is lighting the way on the U.S. Attorney story -- he's miles ahead of everyone else. The Patriot Act angle still pisses me off the most so I don't know how I missed this (from The Daily Dish): "The Specter staffer who inserted the clause into the Patriot Act giving the president new power to by-pass the Senate in appointing U.S. Attorneys ... was rewarded by becoming a U.S Attorney!" How people continue to defend the indefensible and apologize for the unforgivable is beyond me. Politics aside, this should be disgusting to everyone. Period.


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