Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Can We Agree To Be Disgusted Yet?

In the news:

FBI Director Robert Mueller pleaded with senators Tuesday not to curtail the Patriot Act that empowers the federal government to secretly obtain personal records, although a Justice Department investigator discovered that the bureau had failed to obey its requirements.

The problem wasn't the law, Mueller told the Senate Judiciary Committee; it was the FBI.

"The statute did not cause the errors," Mueller said. "The FBI's implementation of the statute did."

Well... duh.

People who have power will eventually try to abuse that power. It's such a simple and indisputable statement that only a retard would defend against it. The FBI cannot police itself... indeed, it is incapable of such a thing. That's why we have had a system of robust checks and balances in this country -- you know, little things like judicial warrants and congressional oversight.

But those of us who have done nothing 'wrong' have nothing to fear, right? That depends. Read this Washington Post article for info on how the FBI turned an ordinary citizen into a snitch and then used gag orders to keep him in line.


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