Sunday, March 25, 2007

Iraq And Its Neighbors

A look at the regional interests in Iraq.

The Saudi component is the most interesting. It would not be surprising to me if the country that spawned 13 of the 9/11 terrorists is harboring elements that are providing financial support to the insurgency. I wonder just how significant that support is. I would guess that it would have to be fairly significant -- where else does their money come from? The insurgents might be able to buy weaponry and supplies from smugglers but someone has to be funding those purchases. Unless we're to believe that four years later the insurgents are still living off the carcass of Saddam's ammo stash.

As for Iran, I can see where they'd be funding the Shiite militias to ensure a Shia majority but it makes zero sense that they'd fund their former Baathist enemies.


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