Sunday, June 01, 2008

Drunken Blogging From Denver

Seriously... I am sitting here at the bar in the Hyatt (they have free wifi!), having a few beers, and I realize that I miss my neglected corner of the blogiverse. I do. Really. Think, Dammit! may have a regular readership of 2 but it's still mine-all-mine. I miss staking my claim.

But here's the thing. This year is sucking pretty big at work. A major disaster in March caused a major crisis of confidence for me -- very, very humbling -- and commentating about politics and Other Serious Matters just seemed like bad karma. Suddenly it became an all-consuming observation that I don't know it all, can't control even my own domain, and probably have no business propagating my opinions on an unsuspecting populace.


So now I'm thinking that maybe it's time to cut myself some slack. Life is about learning... we're all learning, every day, with every success, with every mistake. And, honestly, there's nothing like a brutal failure to kick one in the ass and sharpen ones wits.

Anyway, I've been traveling a lot lately (or at least a lot for me) between Boston, DC, and Denver. Trying to balance it with the spouse, the house, and the kids has been perpetual chaos but they've been pretty good about my absences (and I appreciate it).

Brief catch up on personals... KK just turned 16 last week and Kirsten is registered for summer semester (and seems to be excited about it). Jeff and Ryan have been fishing almost every weekend since the ice melted off the lake (with more fish tales than fish). We've booked a brief family vacation to St Pete's beach in Florida. Yeah, I know, who goes to Florida in the summer? But it's cheap this time of the year and the beach is still the beach. Sister Dani and I are spending more time together, an awesome (and awesomely unexpected) development. (why it took 40 years to discover that it's fun hanging out together remains a bit of a mystery). In all, the non-work side of life has been good.

Anywhoooooo... I think I'm ready to ease my way back into writing, hopefully starting with the Obamanomination! Signing out for now, though, since there's an ancient man across the bar who will not stop staring at me (what, he's never seen a laptop before??). Creepy!


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