Sunday, September 09, 2007

Where Is The Love?

Kos isn't feeling the love for Obama. Point of contention? Obama isn't screeching enough about getting troops out of Iraq.

I think Obama has stated his thoughts on Iraq quite clearly, or at least as clearly as anyone can. Pretending Iraq is a simple issue is just silliness. We can't unshit the bed... pulling the troops out tomorrow doesn't give us an automatic do-over; we've impacted the region and there will be consequences. As president, Obama (or whomever) is going to have to deal with those consequences. A thoughtful approach is required... any action in that part of the world is like moving pieces on a chessboard.

We can stay pissed at Bush for his Mesopotamian folly forever (and truly no one hates loathes despises Bush more than I) but Bush isn't running for president in 2008. It's time to quit thinking in terms of Bush counter-action and start thinking about crafting a foreign policy that actually supports our national objectives.

I will concede that the Dems, as a majority, have seemed impotent when it comes to Iraq. They want to give the appearance of opposition while not actually doing anything to oppose it. That might be the most prudent action politically, maybe even practically, but it doesn't exactly instill faith in the strength of their leadership.

The bottom line is we're wasting our troops in Iraq and we should be developing a plan for withdrawal, engaging and preparing our frenemies in the region for plan B. The Dems should be demanding that of Bush and providing congressional oversight in the current execution. In the end, though, the reality of the situation is that Bush is still the sitting preznitwit and the commander and chief. The Dems should just say that. They look stupid when they act like they have an intention of stopping the war and then failing to do it.


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