Saturday, January 20, 2007

Fox News: An Oxymoron

Accent on moron.

Fox and Friends -- normally insipid, often inane -- does more in ten minutes to demonstrate how the Fox Republican Noise Machine works than I could have articulated in a five thousand word essay.

Kos captures the whole disgusting episode fairly well here.

Taking advantage of an audience that doesn't know any better, Fox plants the seeds they're hoping will grow into conventional wisdom (as so many of their smears often do): Obama = muslim = terrorist. "Fear him! He's a scary muslim! Obama is a scary, scary muslim!! And we all know what that means, right? A vote for Obama is a vote for terrorism! We would never say it out loud, of course. We only lay out the insinuations and innuendo. That's how it works... we report, you decide."

Except Obama isn't a muslim. Ooops.

Think, Dammit! prediction: Look for lots more "oops" moments on Fox in the next 23 months.


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